War in the Heavens

War in the Heavens

Appearing on the podcast Beyond the Grassy Knoll always provided this writer with a great opportunity to kick around the hypothetical peanut. The March 8, 2009 show was certainly no exception. During the course of the program, the topic of the specter of global war raised its ugly head. The possible, almost inevitable, endgame scenario is a gloomy subject to say the least. Still, the fact that the final competition between the world's power elite may be manifested as a worldwide conflict is something that show host Vyzygoth felt needed to be addressed. Cutting directly to the chase, Vyz asked when we believed the first blows in the title fight should be expected. In response, this writer told Vyz and the Knoll audience that a world war would not be possible until nations could produce troop surges that would put a million boots on the ground. Demographic bleed and a considerable drop in replacement births, courtesy of the power elite's depopulation efforts, limits present war-making capabilities and guarantees that such a conflict will be delayed for several years. Vyz accepted this assessment of the situation and moved on to the next part of the show.
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TAHUKAH ANDA TENTANG SKENARIO DUNIA? Bahwa: Osama Bin Laden tak mengatasnamakan umat Islam? Bahwa: Pembakar Al-Qur’an tak mengatasnamakan umat Kristen? Bahwa: Rezim zionist tak mengatasnamakan umat Yahudi? “Mereka yang tak terlihat” itu ribuan tahun lalu telah ada. Dan mereka hanyalah membonceng! Kita hancur berperang, mereka tenang diatas kemenangan… Lalu, siapakah sebenarnya mereka…???
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